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Same Formula with New Easy-to-use Packaging!
Moist Remover is made of hi-density propylene carbonate which is especially produced for removal of lash extensions. Surfactants that irritate mucous membranes are not used and it does not contain toxic, acetone substance, for safer use.
The high concentration of propylene carbonate enhances the removal power, and the squalane combination keeps the lashes moisturized even during removal. The gentle floral scent helps client relax.
The cream type consistency makes it easy and spreads well. Suitable for removing the entire lash set at once and increases efficiency.




Floral scent

Propylene Carbonate

Place a damp cotton pad under the lashes.
Use a microbrush or cotton swab, and gently apply an appropriate amount of remover to the glued area so that the remover does not stick to the skin.
Leave on for 5-8 minutes.
Use a microbrush or cotton swab, to gently remove the extensions from the roots to the tip of the lashes.
If all the extensions do not come off, do not use more force, as it will put the roots of the lashes and open the clients’ eyes. Instead, leave on the remover for a few more minutes and try again.
After removing all the extensions, use a dry microbrush or cotton swab to wipe off excess remover.
Then use a wet microbrush or cotton swab to clean the lashes.
Dry completely before applying the new set of extensions.

* If there is any remover left on the roots, it may get into your eyes when you blink or tears, and it may cause the eyelash extensions to stick poorly or be easy to remove, so please remove it completely.

※It may be irritating when applied directly into the eyes or skin.
※ If it did run into the eyes, wash with running water for 10mins. See the doctor if the irritation continues.
※ Wipe instantly when spilt on floor or clothes. The stain may remain and will be difficult to get off.

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